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Mobile Bars

At Riverbank Bars our team are here to meet all your needs, no matter how basic or obscure, we will do our best to meet your requirements. We offer the following range of packages for you to choose from or customise:

Fully stocked and staffed bar

You select the drinks and the dress, we do the rest.

We use our team of reliable bar staff to run our fully stocked and licensed bar, where your guests purchase their own drinks. The bar can be customised in a variety of colours and styles to suit any occasion.

Tabbed Bar

We serve drinks to your guests at no cost to them, keeping a running total, which you pick up at the end of the night. We can also let the tab run up to a specified amount and once the limit is reached your guests purchase their own drinks.

Reception/Toast Drinks

We supply a team of waiters/waitresses to hand out drinks to your guests as they arrive or burst a bottle of bubbly for a toast. We provide all drinks and appropriate glassware.

Cocktail Bar

We can supply a cocktail bar to bring something different to the occasion. We have our own menu of delicious cocktails or you can set your own. No matter what the event, location or occasion we will happily customise a package to meet your needs.